Self-taught skills and real world experience help me excel in fast paced, deadline-driven environments.

My name is Justin and I am a full stack engineer and part-time game designer. I started Breathe Development in 1999 doing small graphic design projects for "family friends". Currently I design and develop apps, games, and websites on various platforms - mobile, desktop, console - for small and large companies alike.

I am an ambitious self-starter with over 17 years of professional experience and a talent for quickly mastering technology. I have a demonstrative history of developing games and applications to meet specific client needs and working with a variety of client types and sizes across multiple industries with a specialty in cross platform development for Android, iOS, and Web. 

What sets Breathe Development apart from other small boutique studios is:

  • We are Customer First
  • We believe in Quality
  • We Educate our clients
  • We provide Cost Efficient solutions
  • We Don't 'Sell' Anything

For more info view my LinkedIn profile:

Pacific Northwest

Breathe Development + Design is based in the Puget Sound region of Washington State serving the greater Seattle area, Tacoma, Bellevue, Bremerton and the Kitsap Peninsula.

Eco-Friendly Printing

It's important to us that you always get the best quality print products at affordable prices; it's equally important that we minimize our environmental impact.

We offer "go green" paper at no extra cost on the majority of our products. This paper is the same great quality as our regular paper choices. Our "go green" paper is a composite of post consumer fiber, recycled paper and virgin pulp derived from sustainably managed forests. These sustainably managed forests help to clean our air, control erosion, and provide environmentally friendly jobs. Please add "Go Green" in your order notes for this eco-friendly option.

We use environmentally friendly ink on our products. Our Offset inks (used for both 4-Color printing and 1 & 2 Color printing) are formulated with soy and other renewable agriculturally-derived materials. They are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and any leftovers are responsibly recycled. Our 4-Color Digital inks have zero VOCs and meet the demands of EN71, part 3. Our Large Format rigid inks have extremely low VOCs and are SCAQMD compliant. We are adding LED curing to reduce our carbon footprint.